The 2013 FAI World Championship for Soaring Model Aircraft (F3K) is be organised by The Royal Danish Aeroclub (KDA) and The Danish Modelflying Association (Modelflyvning Danmark (MDK))

The initiative came from Erik Dahl Christensen and Regnar Petersen. Actually the idea was born on a trip to the open German championship in 2007, and in 2012 when there where no bidders for the second WC we thought the time was right.

The organisation consists of:


Erik Dahl Christensen, 46 years old, modeller since the age of 10. Erik will be acting as Contest director.



Regnar Petersen, modeller since the late 80's Regnar will be acting as Event Director



Axel Handrup is in charge of IT / WIFI. 33 years old - President of the local RC-club. Have been flying RC planes since the mid 90's. Got hooked on F3K 5 years ago.


Ruben Sonne is in charge of the on field electricity

Søren Nørskov

Søren Nørskov is in producing the matrix and the scorecards


Peter Vestergaard is in charge of WIFI and live streaming from the WC


Allan Feld is head of office