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You are going to Denmark, maybe for the first time in your life, why not make a vacation of it? And why do you not bring your family as well?

In this page you will find some of the icons of Denmark, but as always there is a lot more to it than icons.

Herning, the capitol of the Heath

The town has evolved from a few houses around a single spinning mill in the 1870's to one of the most dynamic areas in Denmark today. 

Herning is still known world wide for its textile industry, but also for one of Scandinavia's largest and most flexible experience centers facilitating large expos, sporting events, indoor and outdoor concerts and theaters. 

Herning1 Kylie Minogue in Herning


The infrastructure is first class with new highways leading you to the rest of the continent. The nature in the area is varying from flat farmland, hilly forests, creeks and lakes to the abandoned mining areas of Soeby.


 Tourisme in Herning


Heart - Museum of contemporary Art



 Elia - Northern Europes biggest sculpture by Ingvar Cronhammar



Baboon City - House of joy and play for children and adults


Tourism near Herning


Legoland - 45 minuttes drive

Have you ever wondered how mount Rushmore look like in Lego? Well go and find out



 The Northern Sea - 1 hour drive

Even though Denmark is a small country we have 7.134 km of coast line

Take a trip to the west coast and enjoy the sea. Sometime the sea is calm and you can swim or go for a long walk on the sandy beach. Other times the waves are roaring against the dunes and mother nature makes you feel quite insignificant. Either way the nothern sea is a breath taking experience.

If you like surfing, go north to Klitmøller and discover the Cold Hawaii



The Old Town Aarhus - 1 hour drive


A little further away...


H C Andersens house, Odense - 1½ hour drive

Anybody who does not know the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen? "The ugly ducling" or "The emperor's new clothes" I dont think so.

If you are into classic music you will probably know the composer Carl Nielsen so why not pay his museum a visit?

Or would you like to see how farmers and craftsmen lived in the 18. century? Pay a visit to The Funen village



The little Mermaid, Copenhagen - 3 hour drive



Tivoli, Copenhagen - 3 hour drive

Do not cheat yourself! Take yourself to "Carstensens garden" as Tivoli is reffered to among the citizens of Copenhagen. The amusementpark opened for the first time in 1843 and is still going strong. You will find bigger rides everywhere but you wont find anything as beautyfull and breathtaking as the iluminated Tivoli at night time anywhere.