We will post the most Freqently Asked Questions and the answers to them.

How to book the Hotel Herning

Please notice that if you choose one of the 4 mentioned accommodations in the preleminary entry form, you have to register via us, the WC organizers. You do so by the preliminary entry form and later by the final entry form together with payment.

Tasklist for Swinging Denmark F3K 2013

C- AULD x 3
I- 3x320
H- 1-2-3-4
E- Poker
B- last & second last
G- 5x2
F- 3 of 6

Tasklist for WC F3K 2013

E- Poker

G- 5x2

D- ladder

A- last flight in 7

J- 3 last flights

B- last & second last

H- 1-2-3-4

F- 3 of 6

I 3 longest flights 

D- Ladder

B- last and second last

I- 3 longest

C- AULD x 5

F- 3 of 6

D- ladder

A- last flight in 7

C- AULD x 5

E- Poker

G- 5x2

H- 1-2-3-4

J- 3 last flights

E- poker

Entries for Swinging Denmark F3K 2013

1 AUS Pilot senior Blackburn Hugh
2 AUS Pilot senior Day Jon
3 AUS Pilot senior Stent Marcus
4 AUT TM senior Hoffmann Peter
5 AUT Pilot senior Helm Harald
6 AUT Pilot senior Haas Hermann
7 AUT Helper Westhoff Denis
8 AUT Helper Niederhofer Gerhard
9 AUT Helper Schreiner Walter
10 BEL Pilot senior Verschoren Kristof
11 BRA Pilot senior Pavani Bruno
12 BRA Pilot senior Silveira Fracao Marco Aurelio
13 BRA Pilot senior De Lucca Mario
14 BRA Helper Hsiung Lin
15 BRA Helper Fracao Marco Aurelio
16 BRA Helper Veiga Robson
17 CAN Pilot senior MacKenzie Ivan
18 CAN Pilot senior MacKenzie Patrick
19 CZE Pilot senior Kristof Pavel
20 CZE Pilot senior Havelka Milan
21 CZE Pilot senior Rezler Ondrej
22 CZE Helper Ehrenberger Ilja
23 CZE Helper Kralik Marcel
24 DEN Pilot senior Hoffmann Jens
25 DEN Pilot senior Rasmussen Palle
26 DEN Pilot senior Norskov Soren
27 FRA Pilot senior Rotteleur Anthony
28 FRA Pilot senior Catillon Rémi
29 GBR Pilot senior Stern Michael
30 GBR Pilot senior Chitty Nick
31 GBR Pilot senior Swindells Richard
32 GBR Pilot swdk Brown Kevin
33 GER TM senior Streit Achim
34 GER TM junior Rodax Benjamin
35 GER Pilot swdk Schipper Arne
36 GER Pilot senior Vogler Henrik
37 GER Pilot senior Werth Marc
38 GER Pilot senior Herrig Martin
39 GER Pilot junior Freitag Matthias
40 GER Official Supp. Freitag Ulrich
41 GER Helper swdk Schipper Gaby
42 GER Helper Weiß Dirk
43 GER Helper Starmanns Olaf
44 GER Helper Börder Roland
45 GER Pilot swdk Schrader Holger
46 GER Pilot swdk Voigt Johannes
47 GER Pilot swdk Behrens Christian
48 HKG TM senior Cai Xuming
49 HKG Pilot senior Yeung Chak Sang
50 HKG Pilot senior Yeung Ngai Nang Allan
51 HKG Pilot senior Lee Shing Woon
52 ISR Pilot senior Dvir Gil
53 ISR Pilot senior Herskoviz Lihav
54 ITA Pilot senior Pompele Flavio
55 ITA Pilot senior Occhibove Gian Marco
56 ITA Pilot senior Rota Paolo
57 ITA Helper Ciura Roberto
58 ITA Helper Mazza Roberto
59 JAP TM senior Kajiro Yoichi
60 JAP Pilot senior Kaneko Kazuo
61 JAP Pilot senior Ito Takaaki
62 JAP Pilot senior Matsumoto Yu
63 JAP Helper Yamamoto Yoshishiro
64 NED TM senior Hogeboom Jaap
65 NED Pilot swdk Somers Jan
66 NED Pilot swdk van de Ree Roeland
67 NED Pilot senior Hoekstra Alex
68 NED Pilot senior Breijer Bas
69 NED Pilot senior Aanen Peter
70 NED Pilot junior Kinds Rob
71 NED Helper Wakkerman Loet
72 NED Helper Schoorl Theo
73 NZL TM senior Shaw John
74 NZL Pilot senior Wurts Joe
75 NZL Pilot senior Botherway Kevin
76 NZL Pilot senior Williams Peter
77 POL Pilot senior Siama Adam
78 POL Pilot senior Grzesica Jaroslaw
79 POL Pilot senior Hilbrycht Krzysztof
80 RSA Pilot senior Smith Alan
81 RSA Pilot senior Dormer Blake
82 RSA Pilot senior Goodrum Craig
83 RSA Pilot junior Weber Jason
84 RSA Pilot junior Molefe Tshepo
85 RSA Pilot junior Kruger Wouter
86 RSA Helper Kirkland Graham
87 RUS Pilot senior Selyukov Victor
88 RUS Helper Antonov Vadim
89 SLO Pilot senior Suster Ales
90 SLO Pilot senior Skrabl Denis
91 SUI Pilot senior Fässler René
92 SUI Pilot senior Fiolka Reto
93 SUI Pilot senior Lüthi Roland
94 SUI Pilot junior Duss Cederic
95 SWE TM senior Hammarskiöld Mattias
96 SWE TM junior Wahlberg Stefan
97 SWE Pilot swdk Sjöborg Johan
98 SWE Pilot senior Ekman Jonas
99 SWE Pilot senior Jubel Peter
100 SWE Pilot senior Svantesson Sören
101 SWE Pilot junior Brebäck Stefan
102 SWE Helper Blomdahl Jonas
103 SWE Pilot SWDK Håkan Sjöberg
104 TPE Pilot senior Sommer Roland Junior.
105 UKR Pilot senior Kalembet Andrii
106 UKR Pilot senior Synielytsyi Oleksandr
107 UKR Pilot senior Lazorenko Sergii
108 UKR Pilot junior Horban Mykola
109 UKR Pilot junior Boyko Oleksandr
110 UKR Helper Butseroga Igor
111 UKR Helper Omelchenko Oleg
112 USA TM senior Mierop Lex
113 USA TM junior Trussell Gavin
114 USA Pilot junior Parkyn Alex
115 USA Pilot junior Trussell Alex
116 USA Pilot junior Friedman Jason



How to fly with official timekeepers

We have 21-22 official timekeepers from around the world and from Denmark. Their job is to score your flight time. They will not assist you in any way. If you ask them what time your pilot scored they may answer. They are choosen because of and instructed to be totally honest. Please instruct them where you would like them to be during launch and landing. If nothing else is instructed, they will try to position themself with the helper between them and the pilot. If you are not satisfied with their position during the flight, please instruct them where you'd like them to be during your start and landing.

Especially about task D and E:

Task D - increasing time / ladder:

The official timekeeper will say "Done" when you have reached the designated time. 

Task E - poker:

The official timekeeper will start his stop watch when the pilot launches. The helper writes the called time on his scoresheet immidiately after launch, and show this to the official timekeeper, who writes the same time on his scoresheet. The official timekeeper will say "Done" when the pilot has reached the designated time. This visual precedure is to avoid any errors due to english spoken and heard with different accents :)

How about team protection

The 6th Swingng Denmark F3K 2013 will be flown without team protection.

The 2nd F3K World Championship 2013 senior and junior will be flown with team protection.

How is the procedure for flying a group?

The procedure for flying a round:

At registration you'll recieve 2 sets of score cards. One for you and one for the official timekeeper. Your set is yours for registration of your fliught for your own enyoyment. The other set will get smaller during the contest as you hand over the score cards to the official timekeeper.

Your names will be called in the middle of the group before yours. When their landing window has ended there will be a 1 minute break before your 2 minutes testflying begins. Be aware that you'll recieve 100 point penalty for flying in this 1 minute break! Immidiately after you 2 minutes testflying, the working time begins.

The official timekeepers will be wearing a colored west with a number.

In the ready box you will be given a west with a color different from the official timekepper. You'll hand over the right score card to the official timekepper with the same number as on your west.

When your working time is finished, you will want to sign the official timekeepers scoresheet. When you sign his scoresheet, you accept the times written on his scoresheet, so check it carefully. The times on the official scoresheet will be written in minutes:seconds, and the official score sheet will be official when you sign it.

The official scoresheets will then be collected by some young runners and brought to the office. You will leave the start and landing field with your sparemodels and be hopefully happy with your score :) and return you colored west to during your exit.

If one pilot by any chance are timekeeping for another pilot in the group before the one his is going to fly in, then bring both pilots models to the ready box, to save time.


How to send your equipment in advance

Sending equipment in advance:

It is possible to send your equipment to: 

Regnar Petersen

c/o Ejner Hessel A/S

Jyllandsvej 4

zip code: 7330

city: Brande


+45 4052 2328

IMPORTANT: You MUST use "DDP" as term of delivery!

Please send an email in advance to info@wcf3k.dk stating shipping agent and tracking number.

When I receive the packages  I will check for vissible damages, take action if the shipment is damaged and send you a notice of reception. I will not open boxes without damages.

Please make sure your shipments are duely insured.

details about the raffle

The raffle is wednesday evening for those who attend "The Erik Dahl Challenge with dinner and raffle".

Prises for the raffle is 3 ELF DLG's with WC logo, 3 Blaster 3,5 with WC logo, 1 Snipe with WC logo, 1 Orion, 1 Tor flying wing, 6 Zepsus magnetic switches. The prices will be presented by the sponsors who are onsite wednesday evening.

If you haven't bought dinner tickets for dinner Wednesday evening, you are neither in the "Erik Dahl Challenge" nor in the raffle.

If you have bought dinner tickets for Wednesday evening you are in for the "Erik Dahl Challenge", the dinner and the raffle.

You can still buy the dinner/raffle/"Erik Dahl Challenge" tickets at the contest site when you arrive. As you can see, the dinner tickets are also tickets for the "Erik Dahl challenge AND the raffle (and of course the dinner ). Please do NOT think that you can order tickets here. Do it at the contest site by Regnar when you arrive. cheers.

The raffle draw will take place during the dinner in the hangar.