details about the raffle

The raffle is wednesday evening for those who attend "The Erik Dahl Challenge with dinner and raffle".

Prises for the raffle is 3 ELF DLG's with WC logo, 3 Blaster 3,5 with WC logo, 1 Snipe with WC logo, 1 Orion, 1 Tor flying wing, 6 Zepsus magnetic switches. The prices will be presented by the sponsors who are onsite wednesday evening.

If you haven't bought dinner tickets for dinner Wednesday evening, you are neither in the "Erik Dahl Challenge" nor in the raffle.

If you have bought dinner tickets for Wednesday evening you are in for the "Erik Dahl Challenge", the dinner and the raffle.

You can still buy the dinner/raffle/"Erik Dahl Challenge" tickets at the contest site when you arrive. As you can see, the dinner tickets are also tickets for the "Erik Dahl challenge AND the raffle (and of course the dinner ). Please do NOT think that you can order tickets here. Do it at the contest site by Regnar when you arrive. cheers.

The raffle draw will take place during the dinner in the hangar.