How to fly with official timekeepers

We have 21-22 official timekeepers from around the world and from Denmark. Their job is to score your flight time. They will not assist you in any way. If you ask them what time your pilot scored they may answer. They are choosen because of and instructed to be totally honest. Please instruct them where you would like them to be during launch and landing. If nothing else is instructed, they will try to position themself with the helper between them and the pilot. If you are not satisfied with their position during the flight, please instruct them where you'd like them to be during your start and landing.

Especially about task D and E:

Task D - increasing time / ladder:

The official timekeeper will say "Done" when you have reached the designated time. 

Task E - poker:

The official timekeeper will start his stop watch when the pilot launches. The helper writes the called time on his scoresheet immidiately after launch, and show this to the official timekeeper, who writes the same time on his scoresheet. The official timekeeper will say "Done" when the pilot has reached the designated time. This visual precedure is to avoid any errors due to english spoken and heard with different accents :)