How is the procedure for flying a group?

The procedure for flying a round:

At registration you'll recieve 2 sets of score cards. One for you and one for the official timekeeper. Your set is yours for registration of your fliught for your own enyoyment. The other set will get smaller during the contest as you hand over the score cards to the official timekeeper.

Your names will be called in the middle of the group before yours. When their landing window has ended there will be a 1 minute break before your 2 minutes testflying begins. Be aware that you'll recieve 100 point penalty for flying in this 1 minute break! Immidiately after you 2 minutes testflying, the working time begins.

The official timekeepers will be wearing a colored west with a number.

In the ready box you will be given a west with a color different from the official timekepper. You'll hand over the right score card to the official timekepper with the same number as on your west.

When your working time is finished, you will want to sign the official timekeepers scoresheet. When you sign his scoresheet, you accept the times written on his scoresheet, so check it carefully. The times on the official scoresheet will be written in minutes:seconds, and the official score sheet will be official when you sign it.

The official scoresheets will then be collected by some young runners and brought to the office. You will leave the start and landing field with your sparemodels and be hopefully happy with your score :) and return you colored west to during your exit.

If one pilot by any chance are timekeeping for another pilot in the group before the one his is going to fly in, then bring both pilots models to the ready box, to save time.